There are many but here are a few important ones:

Increased Profit: VoucherCart is a sales engine which will grow your business! Due to the power of our automation, viral promotion, and loyalty – sales of your gift vouchers will out-perform sales by all other methods combined. Easily! Our customer testimonials illustrate this with customers reporting sales at many times previous levels.

Unparalleled Growth: In addition to the powerful automated promotion of your gift vouchers via your web-site and social media channels, VoucherCart rewards your voucher buyers with loyalty ticks they can use for real monetary discount on their voucher purchases. Buyers are encouraged to promote your gift vouchers and earn each time someone they refer buys a voucher. This means your voucher buyers become voucher sellers for your business and so it continues…

Improved Efficiency: VoucherCart is fully automated and hassle free, so once you have created your gift vouchers (or we have created them on your behalf if you prefer) the system handles everything. No need for manual voucher or gift card printing, promotion, order fulfilment or postage. Once set-up, everything is automated so you just get paid and redeem the vouchers when you customers present them at your store/premises or on-line to redeem.

VoucherCart puts YOU in control: No more massive discounts on your products/services with huge fees payable to third party discount gift voucher promotions companies. This approach simply ruins your Brand and loss-leader deals leave you with the wrong kind of customer looking for something for nothing if they do come back at all.

VoucherCart puts YOU in control of what you sell, when and where and for what price/profit. It lets you leverage loyalty to the voucher buyer AND recipient, so you retain more of the RIGHT kind of customer paying the RIGHT price and incentivise them to come back and buy again for discounts YOU control.

Your gift vouchers are promoted through YOUR web-site and YOUR social media so you get the benefit of increased exposure and natural growth for your own channels.

Always up to date: It’s 100% cloud based so your software is never out of date and we’re continually adding extra features and tools to extend your reach and grow your sales over time. What’s more all upgrades are applied automatically to your account and are free of charge.

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