VoucherCart has powerful automated promotion scheduling built-in, and it's very easy to use. Just watch the video below to see how you can schedule recurring promotion of your vouchers through your social media channels.

The promotion engine uses a calendar based schedule which allows you to specify which Social Media channels to promote your voucher to and when. (eg. With the promotion engine you could decide to promote on your web-site full-time, Facebook on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week for 3 weeks, Twitter twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday. 

You choose which vouchers you promote, where and when so you can set-up a schedule for each voucher that’s uniquely suited to the voucher type, where it’ best promoted and at what times. Each voucher can be scheduled in seconds, so simply set them up once and your done. Gift vouchers of different types would be promoted at different times.

eg. Let’s say you want to promote a Valentine’s Day Gift Voucher for a Romantic Meal for 2. Create your voucher and set-up promotion in each of your channels two or three times per week at specific times and set them to start promoting 4 weeks in advance of the 14th February (That’s Valentine’s Day) and then to be removed from sale. Select the ‘Repeat each Year’ option and your Valentine’s Day Voucher will be promoted every year without you touching a dial.

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